Rauschert Pellet stove igniter

Pellet stove igniter from Rauschert

The German company Rauschert has been manufacturing high temperature heaters and pellet stove igniters since 2006.

Rauschert igniters are made of a special ceramic compound that enables the ignition of wood-pellets, wood-chips and solid fuel within 60 seconds by air heating. This can be achieved with a sufficient high ignition temperature. The special geometry of the cylindrical ceramic heaters, in combination with an extremely high surface temperature of 1,000°C/1,800°F, heats up the supply air in the shortest possible time to an extremely high temperature. With this technology solid fuel is ignited with a fraction of the energy that is required for a hot air gun or ignition blower.

The pellet stove igniter can be installed easily and comfortably. It is available for 230 Volts as well as for 120 Volts.

Not without reason, the Rauschert pellet stove igniter is THE reliable standard ignition system for pellet heating systems in Europe and Northern America – hundreds of satisfied customers (OEM and spare part retailers) speak for themselves.

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